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BI System – Business Intelligence – is a system based on data warehouse technology. Its role is to support the decision-making process at almost every single level of management of your company. The system allows quick and effective data analysis (which previously was gathered in the company’s transactional systems) and improves trendsetting.

Business Intelligence Software

To put it simply, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help to plan, budget, and make analyses. Moreover, it is possible to transform data into particular pieces of information which later on can be used in the creation and management of specific areas in your company. Collected information enables you to build a competitive advantage and by improving and developing your business continuously.

The data warehouse environment, mentioned above, allows you to collect filtered data from one or several transactional systems (or other sources).

Business Intelligence software is so flexible that it can be adjusted to the needs and type of the company. The implementation time is short so you do not have to wait long for the effects.

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Business Intelligence Software – benefits:

Business Intelligence is a solution designed for developing companies. Through its implementation, you will gain enormous benefits which can boost the process of building your competitive advantage.

      • you get easy access to data that comes from multiple sources;
      • • you can carry out analyses and follow changing trends in the industry;
      • you analyse the effects of particular areas and employees;
      • you streamline work and internal processes;
      • you gather data in one available place;
      • you eliminate mistakes;
      • you can draw up new and effective action plans.

Business Intelligence Tools

BI tools are dedicated mainly to managers and specialists responsible for building strategies, budget development, and making analyses and reports. The main target groups are accounting, debt collection, investments, production, and trade departments.

If you would like to try out Business Intelligence tools in your company – contact our team.