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Retail and sales management

Sales – regardless of the field of trade and distribution – requires proper management and a plan that allows business to face day-to-day challenges. Sales management itself is the business discipline that concentrates on using sales techniques – in the most practical manner – as well as on managing sales operations of the particular company. Within this approach, ERP for retail (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) is immensely helpful so as to streamline and automate some aspects of the team and company work.

Sales process management

Sales quite often require some support of modern IT systems. Here ProbitERP is helpful since it provides solutions – including sales, reporting and management tools. It has been developed for distributors as well as traders. All of this is based on analyses that enable the efficient customer data use and strategies of segmentation that are the results of the direct consumer contact. Those aspects go hand in hand with the increasing consumer awareness that will require the adaptation of strategic priorities and delivery/purchase of adequate service and products to customers.

Sales planning is a complex strategy which, for instance, sets sales goals (based on profits) and forecasts and enables demand management. Eventually, a plan is a document which defines resources and sales activities to help fulfil previously established goals. This document is an inspiration that follows the marketing and business plan with more detailed information. The professional sales process management software is used to draw up the document that aims to support both medium-sized and large companies.

erp for sales
erp for sales

Sales process management software

Sales process management software is virtually universal and complex support that encompasses plenty of advantages. Just right now your company can gain:

    • support in sales process creation – including areas such as inventory;
    • automation of a sales process – through the increased productivity and optimisation of goals;
    • comprehensive sales process managementwith an effective duty assignment and data collection that enables to carry out analyses;
    • control of the effectiveness of the sales department;
    • better communication within the company;
    • reduction of mistakes and bottlenecks that contributed to a decline in sales;
    • rapid and effective reactions to industry trends;
    • a creation of effective sales forecasts (and forecasts related to inventory).

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