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ERP implementations

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a highly complex and flexible system to manage your business which is based on a central database that gathers information throughout particular departments of the company.

Professional implementation of ERP systems guarantees the reliability of a tool as well as a wide range of functionalities that can be used by a large company.

An ERP System implementation – methodology

The methodology of an ERP system implementation is a set of principles, rules, tools, and good practices which enable and facilitate the successful execution of the particular project. Thanks to a defined implementation process – from mapping to specifications – the risk of making mistakes is minimized. The whole process runs smoothly while being supervised by a qualified team that applies experience gained during previous implementation processes.

An ERP implementation in a small and medium-sized company

Implementation is a phase of the system cycle that involves software installation and delivery to meet the company’s needs. The major advantage of modular ERP systems implementation in a small company is the fact that modules can be adapted to its needs during the implementation stage. What is more, they can be appropriately modified just to fit the growth and development stages of the company. Each module can be enriched by new applications and functionalities that bring a wide range of new possibilities. The ERP systems implementation is a milestone for the development of your company – grasp those opportunities and create your competitive advantage!


How long does an ERP implementation take?

The timeframe of advanced software implementation (including ERP), depends on the size of the company and the number of implemented modules. Typically an implementation takes from a few to a maximum of several months.

If you are orientated to the development and you have chosen the ERP system but yet you do not know which functions satisfy your business needs – feel free to contact the Probit team. We will be happy to dispel any doubts, pinpoint benefits, and discuss your company’s opportunities. A dedicated ERP consultant will support you at every stage of implementation so you can be sure that you are ‘in good hands.’