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ERP dla firm usługowych

ERP for service company (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) is a program designed in order to manage a service company. Its ultimate goal is to facilitate the management of data as well as contacts and orders. The information collected in such a way is stored within the system which enables to add the most crucial documents that are related to, for instance, orders. orders.

Programs for service companies are supposed to support a particular company in building a competitive advantage and assisting internal departments and processes.

ERP solution for services company and B2B

ERP solutions allow you to change modules and select them for the needs of your company. You can easily change them any time, put additional structures which bring new and valuable functionalities.

Thanks to them you will introduce new perspectives for your business, build up a competitive advantage and support your enterprise in the process of development. The rapid integration and intuitive interface allow you to benefit from the functionalities of the system at once.

Why would a services company choose to implement an ERP?

By implementing IT software to your services company, you can gain:

    • a flexible tool that allows you to adjust the range of functionalities to needs of your business. You decide on your own which modules will be active and which licence is the most beneficial;
    • support in paperwork completion and distribution – including documents for the Tax Office;
    • security – documents you create are consistent with the provisions and law;
    • work effectiveness of particular departments in your company. Moreover, the system allows you to optimise time required to, for instance, analyse collected documentation;
    • improved communication between departments and employees;
    • • an enhanced process of relationship management – not only in company but also with customers and business partner;
    • a coherent and complete database that can be used while drawing up business and development plans;
    • a minimised risk of mistakes.
Software for retail and services companies

Software for retail and services companies

Services companies deal with numerous challenges within competitive actions, team building and customer acquisition. It turns out those companies are worried about the crisis as well as changing trends that require an immediate reaction and constant search for new solutions. At the same time there are some growing concerns about employees, customers and competitors.

These factors are persuasive arguments for implementing modern management solutions for services companies. For further information and opportunities, please contact our Probit team!