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IT infrastructure audit

An audit is a document that provides an independent evaluation of the organisation, current system, processes, or the product itself. It draws attention to compliance with specific standards, templates, regulations, and norms that guarantee better performance and higher efficiency. Audits are used to evaluate the whole control system in an organisation.

Audit your IT infrastructure if your business needs guidance and new development paths or if current activities do not bring expected results.

Information Technology Audit (IT Audit)

An information technology audit is based on the process of collecting and evaluating various areas. Its goal is to determine if an information technology system (and associated resources) can, for instance, keep the integrity of data, provide information, support the organisation’s objectives, and exploit resources. The actions taken are to prove that all moves so far are consistent within specific standards and norms which are perceived as optimal and appropriate ones. Information technology audit – as the name suggests – is based on norms related to IT management processes, quality, and cybersecurity management. Quite often a large part of the audit is IT system research including risk analysis and tests.

Taking this information into consideration – those three types of audit can be distinguished:

  • legal background of used software;
  • audit of in-house hardware assets;
  • security audit (in terms of IT).
IT audit

IT Audit – advantages

IT Audit is an immensely helpful (in terms of business) document to enhance many internal areas of the company. Fixing errors and correcting some problematic areas lead directly to competitive advantage and improvement of internal processes.

What is more, it brings the following benefits:

      • reduction of the operating costs of the enterprise;
      • selection of errors that can negatively affect certain areas;
      • reduction of risk that can result from long-term errors;
      • preparation for cyberattack and increase of security;
      • indication of weak points which require to be fixed and corrected;
      • security regulations maintenance.

Further information on how the description of IT infrastructure can positively affect your business is delivered while contacting the Probit team.