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Trade is one of the fastest-growing industries which includes, for example, groceries as well as fast-moving consumer goods. However, this explosive growth is accompanied by challenges that require, for instance, the search for effective and efficient digital and physical solutions. This particular situation is a result of a natural desire to be present on the market and at the same to compete with other shops. That is why participation in the competition to attract the customer and to respond to the latest trends rapidly is inevitable. It is not surprising that LR Retail – a highly configurable software solution for retailhas become the cornerstone for many contemporary entrepreneurs.

Integrated software solution for retail

The retail market is growing at a lightning pace. Online shops alone have generated $ 4.88 billion in revenue. This growth, increasing consumer awareness and new shops resulted in the desire (and the necessity) of entrepreneurs to improve their current IT systems.

Retail sales management is a complex process that faces plenty of challenges – both of a businesslike and technological nature. Therefore, trade has to struggle with considerable variability of information and data which not only are related to the industry itself but also to the entire sphere of orders. Because of an irregular number of orders and new sales channels shops have to react quickly and also collect more and more data. It is a daunting task since time pressure and the need to deliver high-quality products are pivotal. The company has to reduce the number of mistakes, draw up and create plans for the future and then, implement it gradually. Obviously, it would be ideal if along with this implementation, the operational cost reduction might follow. The task may seem demanding especially if we take into consideration the general development of competitors and the growing popularity of any marketplaces which account for up to 50% of the market share.

It is an extremely tough task to combine all those elements and satisfy those requirements. That is why the state-of-the-art software solution for retail is so-called a last resort for many entrepreneurs. Thanks to this, LS Retail software solution for retail available as a SaaS service and compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud can be perceived as the remedy .

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Modern software solution for retail

Effective sales management in a shop has a lot of advantages. That is why the retail industry uses ERP solutions that can bring the following benefits:

  • general support of internal processes including warehouse service;
  • automation of many complex processes encompassing sales and transportation cycle;
  • retail management in shops including automation which saves staff resources;
  • quick responses to customer’s needs and trends in the industry;
  • cost optimisation;
  • reactions to mistakes and bottlenecks that require to be changed;
  • effective communication between areas and departments of the company;
  • a creation of sales forecasts.

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