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What is MPS?

MPS – which stands for Master Production Schedule is a main production scheduleit is also called an operational production plan. It is based on collected data regarding planning whose purpose is to improve manufacturing and its coordination in your enterprise. This module of management is an element of ERP systems that answers the questions such as what should be considered while scheduling the production phase.

A Master Production Schedule

A Master Production Schedule is a detailed plan of manufacturing a certain product within specific periods of time such as days, weeks, or months. It is shaped on the basis of forecasts (product demand or a whole batch of assortment). Forecasting is the first stage and then, the document is expanded to include current orders and new conclusions.

Usually, a master production schedule is presented as a table divided into periods. Rows represent finished goods that later on are interpreted according to anticipated results.

Production schedule – what for?

A master production schedule combined with the ERP systems is based on automatization. It is created on the basis of sales and order plans with the possibility of applying manual and independent corrections by production planners. The schedule is used for further calculations and the creation of an optimisation plan.

An integrated master production schedule provides precise information on manufacturing cycle time which is the time elapsed between production starting and the completion of a product. That is why the company can manage its resources and at the same time fully control its orders.

The production schedule is used for:

  • allocating machine resources and available devices;
  • human resource planning;
  • internal production processes planning;
  • purchase planning within, for instance, materials;
  • cost optimisation;
  • controlling and eliminating potential problems and mistakes.
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How to plan production well?

Production planning is a complex process that requires constant control and adjustments. That is the reason why MPS software streamlines and makes your planning task easier has been designed.

  1. Create a schedule and think of your aim. Bear in mind, production has to be planned in terms of construction, technology, organisation, start-up, and operation.
  2. Provide yourself with appropriate tools such as MPS planning.
  3. Monitor machines and achievable results.
  4. Analyse data by implementing improvements, and searching for mistakes and bottlenecks. Remember – collected data directly influences the enhancement of production efficiency and increases production capacity.

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