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Solution for production management

A production industry is one of the fastest growing industries which means that it requires not only a flexible strategy but also a plan and the possibility to keep up with trends – including testing of new tools. Therefore among the recommended solutions that are supposed to level up the production is, for instance, the ERP system – a solution for production businesses (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central).

ERP solutions for production

Innovative solutions encourages a company to achieve new goals. Those solutions have also been developed in cooperation with a production industry and as a result individual and precise needs of this particular sector can be fulfilled. A brief network of associations, in which a production ERP solution increases a chance to build up a competitive advantage, can be established.

A constant development is absolutely crucial – especially in a production industry that gradually has been achieving considerable demand year by year. Moreover, the level of sophistication of Polish industry does not diverge from industry recorded throughout Western Europe. Thus, it could be the reason why entrepreneurs declare more confidentially their willingness to use modern software (here ERP – a solution for production management).

Production planning

Production planning is an exceptionally complex process that has to face a plenty of challenges among which is the necessity to plan carefully supply which requires the selection of modern tools in order to replace the old-fashioned methods which can contribute to inaccurate forecasts.

Moreover, the industry struggles with changing trends that are quite often imposed by either competitors or customers. Therefore it is noticeable that in production businesses, the efficiency of machines and processes has to be boosted, and this particular situation requires testing various software. This challenge is related to the necessity to coordinate digital transformation that involves a number of other actions – including fundamental changes to inner processes. This problem does not only affect production but also logistics, marketing and customer service.

zarządzanie i planowanie produkcją

Production management software

All those above mentioned challenges can be satisfied with modern tools, production management systems, and industrial automation.

By choosing ERP for production, you gain:

      • greater productivity – including more effective use of assets and machine resources;
      • production and manufacturing orders planning;
      • production cost optimisation – loss forecasting, expenditure and so-called bottlenecks planning;
      • ERP for production is all about data that can be used to make analyses and track the performance of particular areas and machines;
      • components that can be selected according to individual needs of your business;
      • constant improvement of production and thus, the quality control;
      • the possibility to scale up production;
      • a chance to anticipate major delays that can be play a pivotal role in creating a financial plan;
      • a timetable related to, for instance, material requirements.

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