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Document Capture is a professional tool based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition – a text recognition from a scanned document). This software is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAVwhich enables to scan and archive documents in the company. This tool introduces automation that saves staff resources but also streamlines invoice workflow while reducing costs.

Document scanning in a company

Document scanning in a company – this process enables to scan paperwork for digital archiving. Scanning has to streamline the process of rewriting agreements and complex documents of pivotal significance for running a company. This solution introduces streamlining and free resources up but at the same time minimises the risk of making mistakes while manually copying invoices, for instance.

Document Scanning Software

Contina Document Capture document brings many benefits. Its major advantage and function is the creation of invoice acceptance paths that are ultimately assigned to suppliers. Thus, this software allows thresholds for each of them due to which the information of exceeded limit is provided.

Any authorized person in a given company can edit a document and comment on it and so on and so forth. People working remotely or being out of the office can create authorisations using mobile devices which are compatible with other tools.

Contina software has got plenty of advantages such as:

  • automation and document processing to reduce the workload of staff;
  • • limitation of mistakes resulting from a so-called human factor;
  • creation of a database that can be useful in the future;
  • efficient data archiving.
oprogramowanie do skanowania dokumentów

OCR Scanning Services for companies

OCR stands for optical character recognition which is a system used in many modern and functional tools for companies (and not only).

An OCR feature to scan documents enables automatic text recognition and scanning as well as archiving documents in a database. Thanks to the feature it is possible to check:

  • contractors’ data;
  • invoice number;
  • issue date;
  • VAT rates, net and gross amounts;
  • due date.

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